Tiempos 2022/08

August 2022

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the issue #8 of Chevereto Tiempos, the monthly recap for all-things Chevereto.

# 🎉 V4.0.0-beta.11 released

Chevereto V4.0.0-beta.11 has been released. This one improves in:

  • 🐘 Deprecated error reporting configuration
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in heading tags when using homepage split
  • 👀 Added hint about testing email delivery
  • 👽 Added admin setting to force debug errors
  • 💅 Improved display for private content
  • 💅 Improved file info display on image view
  • 💅 Improved style for connected accounts
  • 💅 Improved tabs for mobile
  • 💅 Renamed "Linked accounts" to "Connections"
  • 💅 Renamed "Social networks" to "Login providers"
  • 💫 Added support for Tinkerwell (REPL)
  • 🔀 Added option to disable Random mode for guests users
  • 🔍️ Added option to disable search functionality for guest users
  • 🔕 Removed email notification on new updates
  • 🥁 Added new login providers (30)
  • 🥁 Added TOS agreement when guest contact form
  • 🥁 Added TOS agreement when guest-uploading
  • 🦆 Refactored login
  • 🚅 Added native lazy load listings
  • 🚧 Added root level maximum limits (users, images, albums)

# 🤩 V4.0.0 announcement

V4.0.0 has been announced. Chevereto V4.0.0 is the first production-grade release for Chevereto V4 and it should be available within September 2022.

# 👍 RFC

We got the following requests for changes. Vote to drive development.

# 💖 Contribute to Tiempos

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# Thanks for reading

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