End of support for Chevereto V3

Chevereto V3 EOL

Rodolfo Berrios
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After 3161 days (8 years, 7 months, 25 days) since V3.0.0, Chevereto V3 support will end on 2022-11-30.

Chevereto V3 has been a successful major version which has been delivering service for lots years, but its age starts to show. Chevereto V3 LTS has been around long already and it got extended one extra year due the pandemic. It has been a superb release, but we need to move on.

# 😧 Services affected

End of support means that we will stop providing the following services for Chevereto V3 licenses:

  • Bug Tracking
  • Software Support
  • Purchase upgrade to V4
  • Access to downloads prior V3.20

Chevereto V3 will be removed from our catalog and we will stop selling Chevereto V3 on 2022-09-30.

# ⌛️ Limited time offer

By 2022-11-11 the upgrade option for Chevereto V3 licenses will be removed from our website and a new license purchase will be required to access to Chevereto V4.

# 🥸 What if I don't upgrade?

Chevereto V3 end of support happens at the same time of PHP 7.4 EOL. Systems running Chevereto V3 will stop getting support at both application and language layers, and the only support available will be these provided by Linux-based distributions like Debian, Ubuntu or RedHat which is not the same type of support.

Outdated systems may keep servicing for some years, but it will spawn an ever increasing cost for system management as the market abandons the old tech. From a security point of view, outdated Chevereto systems could be exposed to threats that may be constantly appearing with time.

# 😀 Services not affected

End of support for Chevereto V3 doesn't alter any of the following services:

  • Extra Support
  • Community Help

Extra Support will be still available for those using Chevereto V3 and needing paid support. Our user community will keep door opens for user-driven support for Chevereto V3.

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