Tiempos 2022/11

November 2022

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the issue #11 of Chevereto Tiempos, the monthly curated recap for all-things Chevereto.

# 🚀 Chevereto V4.0.5 released

Release 4.0.5 fixes bugs reported to our bug tracker and amend some odd naming issues. It is advised to upgrade to this release asap.

# 👯‍♀️ New editions

Many users don't need the (huge) full feature set provided by Chevereto, but our pricing is all-in meaning that we are leaving many users out the table. That's why in the following months we will be rolling new editions for Chevereto, enabling us to offer a more compelling software for each given need.

With these new editions we expect to empower more users and companies, of all sizes. The days of one size fits all will be gone and our users will pay for what they need and care the most.

# 😘 New free edition

In accordance with the new editions announcement we are now providing an all-new free edition, perfect for personal usage and to get a glimpse on how Chevereto can solve photo hosting and sharing in your organization.

Chevereto free edition is free software available at chevereto/chevereto. This edition removes plenty paid features, including: Multi-user, guest uploads, watermarks, external storage and more.

We are looking forward to provide more editions between free and paid tiers. For instance, a "semi-pro" tier, "community", etc. Our goal is to add more tiers to suit better your needs.

You may want to read the blog post at Rodolfo's blog.

# 👍 Requests for changes (RFC)

We got the following requests for changes. Want to help us to improve the software? Share your thoughts and vote to drive development.

# 💖 Contribute to Tiempos

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# Thanks for reading

That's all for now. If you have any interesting tip or link to share about Chevereto go to our community and join the conversation.

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