Tiempos 2023/01

January 2023

Rodolfo Berrios
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This is the issue #13 of Chevereto Tiempos, the monthly curated recap for all-things Chevereto.

As you may notice there's no Tiempos #12 as we are going to publish Tiempos on the first week of every month from now.

# 🚀 Chevereto v4.0.6 released

Patch release 4.0.6 fixes a lot of bugs, introduces PHP 8.2 support and provides great new features for Chevereto V4 that will extend the use-scope for your installations.

Review Chevereto v4.0.6 release notes for a quick summary.

# Semantics

Chevereto v4.0.6 introduces support for custom content semantics, which enables to configure the terms used for all content labels including images, albums, categories and more.

Semantics listing

For example, if you want to offer goods with Chevereto you could change "Album" to "Product", "Categories" to "Brands" and "Users" to "Clients". If you are using Chevereto for managing media assets you could change "Images" to "Samples" or "Photos". There's no limits, you define the context.

Semantics settings

With semantics you can now bend Chevereto to wrap your content and context the exact way you want, providing a more engaging experience for your users.

# Call-to-action buttons

Chevereto v4.0.6 introduces customizable call-to-action (CTA) buttons for albums, which enables to create extra buttons that will be shown at the album view and when viewing images belonging-to.

cta zoom

With this addition you can now add custom actions pointing to a purchase link, messenger contact, send an email, download a file, book calendar, call a number and more.

cta viewer

For custom CTA you can use Font Awesome icons or Emoji and point to any href target. You can also change button priority by simply dragging them.

cta sort

# Added support for RTL languages

There are great news for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and all the right-to-left languages as Chevereto v4.0.6 greatly improves the user experience for these. User interface now looks the way it should be for users of these languages.


All margins, borders, padding and alignments have been revisited, the entire user interface is now RTL compatible in a degree never seen before.

# New profile display

User profile display has been improved and now the user avatar shows on center of the viewport. What we are seeking with this is to give top priority for the user at its profile page.


# Bugs

Chevereto patch v4.0.6 fixes the following bugs:

  • Unable to add pages [14817, 14818]
  • Unable to use Enter key on text area [14821, 14855]
  • Wrong user link for email notifications
  • Wrong consent screen link [14805]

# 👍 Requests for changes (RFC)

We got the following requests for changes. Want to help us to improve the software? Share your thoughts and ideas.

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# Thanks for reading

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