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New subscription model

Rodolfo Berrios
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Chevereto is changing on 2024-02-01 from a one-time payment per major version to a yearly license subscription. Note: License purchases made before 2024-02-01 won't require to purchase any extension during Chevereto V4 release cycle.

# Why

After 4 major releases and 17 years building Chevereto (next July) I'm certain that to offer the software as of one-time payment heavy jeopardizes the software product and damages long-term users.

Negative effects we got from one-time licensing are (1) high license pricing, (2) pale release cycles, (3) stagnated development, (4) lack of compelling features and (5) tall support fees.

That’s why I’m introducing the Chevereto subscription, which grants access to software downloads, updates, support and its community for a year. If your Chevereto subscription expires you may continue to use your license as per license agreement, but without access to downloads, updates, support and the community.

# Benefits

With Chevereto subscription you get access to latest releases including bug fixes, patches and ongoing maintenance to keep your installation working in optimal conditions. It includes Pro Support for 30 days enabling you to experience the benefits of faster response times soon as you get started with Chevereto.

You also get access to bug tracking, enabling to report issues and get them fixed in a timely manner. This is a great way to ensure that your installation is always up-to-date and secure.

The subscription grant access to the Chevereto community of 20K+ members, where users help each other to shape the software by contributing ideas and suggestions that benefit everybody.

# Pricing

The software has matured enough to enable me to sell the subscription low as $3/month. Broadening Chevereto's use base as the software now is more affordable instead of being a tall one-time payment. It also enables us to focus more on software development and deliver more releases.

I created Chevereto for everybody and I’m happy for being able to extend its reach to all corners of the world with special pricing available in selected countries. Go to to learn more.

# Future

This subscription model allows Chevereto to lower prices and deliver more releases as we shift to a predictable income. This enables us to commit a bigger investment into software development, increasing the number of releases per cycle and yet delivering more features.

With this new model I’m sure that most wanted features like user-based API, tags and video will be available in the V4 release cycle.

I'm eager to continue building Chevereto and I'm excited to see how this new model will enable us to deliver more features and releases.

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