Tiempos 2024/05

May 2024

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

Hey everyone, Don Rodolfo here bringing you the hottest news from Chevereto in this month's Tiempos. There’s great things to share about Chevereto and with this issue of tiempos you won't miss any.

# Chevereto now with video support

On April 20 I released Chevereto v4.1.0 “Pulento” with video support. One week later on April 27 I released Chevereto v4.1.1 and on April 29 I announced Chevereto v4.1.2. It has been a very productive April for the Pulento release and it keeps getting better.

You can learn more about Chevereto 4.1 on my blog where I disclose the inner workings and the effort required to build this amazing new release.

Besides video support, this release also provides customizable theme fonts and starts delivering the user-based API.

# Tags announcement

On April 4 I announced Tags support for Chevereto v4.2.

With tags Chevereto will finally embrace fine-grained user driven context making it extremely useful for organizing all your media assets and more.

# Requests for changes (RFC)

Chevereto got the following request for changes. Feel free to suggest yours or vote to drive development as Chevereto is 100% user-driven.

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# Thanks for reading

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