Tiempos 2024/06

June 2024

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

Hey everyone, Rodolfo here bringing you the latest news from Chevereto in this month's Tiempos.

May was a very active month for patch releases which highlights yet better video support plus tons of small bits that I know you are going to love. Chevereto is under very high development activity and you can't miss any of these delicious updates.

# Chevereto v4.1.X releases

Chevereto v4.1 is getting lots of updates and improvements as it settles video support.

On May 5th Chevereto v4.1.2 got released. This patch improves on video by adding support for custom FFmpeg binary and video display on listings. It also improves on embedded codes display, upgrading, compatibility with jpg/jpeg extensions, adds dashboard section for php.ini files.

On May 13th Chevereto v4.1.3 got released. This patch added configurable view for user profiles, failover for missing image sizes, forced public permissions on image sizes, improved one-click upgrading process, improved Docker handling plus it updated Chinese Simplified and Vietnamese translations.

On May 24th Chevereto v4.1.4 got released which added checking for hostname settings, updated Chinese Traditional translation, updated French translation and improved Docker upgrading instructions.

All patches include lots of bug fixes that will dramatically improve your Chevereto-based websites.

# Requests for changes (RFC)

At Chevereto community we got the following request for changes. Feel free to suggest yours and/or vote to drive development as Chevereto is 100% user-driven.

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# Thanks for reading

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