Tiempos 2024/07

July 2024

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

Chevereto creator Rodolfo here bringing you the latest news from Chevereto in this month's Tiempos.

# Chevereto v4.2.0 announcement

This release adds tags support and improve External Storage, sessions, security and more. Chevereto Regio (4.2) will be available within July 2024.

Check the list of changes (in progress).

  • ✅ Added more error log information
  • ✅ Improved handling for boolean settings
  • ✅ Improved handling for string settings (HTML safe)
  • ✅ Improved session handling
  • 🐘 Requires PHP 8.1
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in front controller
  • 🐞 Fixed bug with not working album share button
  • 🐞 Fixed bug with wrong URL for album sharing
  • 🐞 Fixed ErrorException on contact page
  • 🐞 Fixed ErrorException on route json
  • 💅 Improved External Storage error display
  • 🪣 Added "Use path style endpoint" option for External Storage
  • 🪣 Added removal for External Storage
  • 🪣 Improved credentials handling at External Storage

# Requests for changes (RFC)

At Chevereto community we got the following request for changes. Feel free to suggest yours and/or vote to push development as Chevereto is user-driven by the community.

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