Chevereto 14th anniversary

Hello cloud, applications and V4!

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

Chevereto turns 14 and for this anniversary we got many announcements and project updates to share.

# Recap

This is the recap for our previous year. Look all we got:

# Chevereto V3.20 LTS

We made a final release for V3.X LTS to push its EOL up to April 2025. This is the maturest Chevereto V3 release and it will coexist with Chevereto V4 to enable our users a smooth transition to V4 without any pressure.

Keep in mind that V4 is a progressive development release, while V3.20 is the production-grade material. You can use both editions, it all depends on the context use you want to give to it.

# Vultr partnership

We are now providing Chevereto one-click application at the Vultr Marketplace! The easiest way to get your Chevereto running on your premises, it will take you one-click and sixty seconds of your time to get Chevereto running.

We are happy with Vultr and as a matter of fact we are migrating all our infra there. We will be dropping our existing providers for Vultr because we feel supported by them and the machines are a delight.

Many thanks Vultr, Chevereto ­čĺľ you.


We are introducing a brand new system at to publish our releases, enabling users to browse our releases easily.

Dear user: Consider to update your software to avoid any potential issue damaging your installation integrity.

# translations have been translated to 11 languages, which has allowed us to reach users from all over the world.

You are welcome to help us with your translation, keep contributing so nobody gets excluded because of a language barrier.

Check translations at

# Containers

With V3.20 we got support for containers and Chevereto is now a 12-factor app that can be deployed in any infra. This is big for the software, it allow us to run really anywhere.

This is still green, we know that the market isn't ready but the exceptional results and the ease to manage instances is golden for us. Is just a matter of time for this taking the mainstream and we can't wait to see how our software takes the place it deserves.

# Introducing

The special announcement this year is, our own hosted offering for Chevereto. We are accepting pre-registrations for it.

With Chevereto cloud we want to make Chevereto accessible by erasing the server hassles and the technical knowledge barrier required to enjoy our software.

# Mobile application

And for the one more thing moment, we are creating a cross-platform universal Chevereto V4 mobile client!

As V4 will provide us with a compelling user based API, we can now roll our own mobile application, which will be a universal API client for any Chevereto V4 API and available for any end-user of any Chevereto V4 instance (cloud, on-premise).

We can't wait to disclose more details in the following months.

# Thank you!

Chevereto turns 14 all thanks to its users, thank you for another great year for us.

¡Larga vida al Chevereto!

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