Chevereto 3 Long Term Support

LTS until November 2022 for Chevereto V3.

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

I'm introducing Long Term Support (LTS) for Chevereto 3 for three years. There will be updates, patches, and support assistance until November 2022 for Chevereto V3.

The updates will guarantee that Chevereto 3 will be able to run with the latest libraries available and that all its functionality will remain working as expected. Security fixes, error corrections, and improvements will keep being added to ensure proper software functionality. There will be the option to purchase support after the Chevereto 3 LTS ends.

I want to roll a series of changes during the three years of Chevereto 3 LTS, starting with the release of Chevereto 4. The idea is to provide enough time to conduct the Chevereto 4 adoption process, which includes new server requirements, documentation, services, software store, and more. It is not something that I can build and release all at once. The process will be continuous, step by step, and by November 2022 Chevereto 4 install base should be the majority.

I've been working in Chevere for the last fifteen months. It is the base framework that supports Chevereto 4, and I'm getting closer to have it ready for the Chevereto application development. News about this will get published before the end of the year.

Hopefully, the LTS will provide the baseline that I need for the upcoming Chevereto development. You can rest assured that the software is going to keep getting support for a long time.

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