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In the real estate market, an appealing and professional gallery can make a difference in the sales process and determine the success value of a transaction. With Chevereto, you can showcase property images, floor plans, models and more ensuring that you present every visual detail that matters.


# 360° Panoramic tour

One of the standout features of Chevereto is the ability to offer your clients a 360° panoramic tour. Provide your visitors with an unique experience by virtually taking them through your real estate projects.

Simply upload your 360° images and organize them efficiently, allowing your clients to view your properties from the comfort of their devices.

# Roles

With Chevereto you can assign roles to users, enabling to delegate tasks with your staff. For example, you can add another administrator to help manage the platform or appoint moderators without admin rights.

  • To grant a role to another user:
    • Go to the User profile
    • Click on Edit
    • Select wanted role
    • Click on Save changes


# Categories

Chevereto offers the option to organize your real estate projects by creating new categories, allowing to structure your properties listing and facilitate navigation for your clients in the gallery.

Set-Category Category

# Pages

Edit or add new pages to include additional information about your Real Estate business or highlight any other relevant content.

Pages1 Pages

# Share your real estate projects privately

You can restrict public access to content by setting a password for each album. For example, to provide additional pictures requested by a customer.

  • Go to Edit any Album
  • Choose your option privacy


Chevereto provides tools that help to strengthen corporate image identity of your brand and context semantics for your business.

# Branding & Semantics


Add your logo and icon to generate recognition and trust among your visitors.

Customizing content semantics creates an authentic and consistent experience for your users.

# Configurable theme

In Chevereto you can turnkey configure the theme to align it with your needs. For example, you can select a default palette among several options.

You can also adjust the layout of your gallery by selecting the number of columns you want to display, whether you prefer a more compact or spacious appearance. You can create the ideal layout to highlight the most of your real estate projects.

Go to Settings > Theme Go to Settings > Listings
Listings Themes

# Call to action buttons

Chevereto enables to add customized call-to-action buttons that guide and motivate your users towards specific actions.

These tools increase the likelihood of desired actions, such as buying a home, subscribing to your newsletter, or requesting more information. Include these buttons in your albums to generate a greater impact.

| Go to Edit under any Album | | -------------------------- || | calltoaction |

These are just a few tips to improve your gallery, but there are many other tools that we invite you to explore to get the most out of Chevereto!

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