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Chevereto as a product gallery

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A product gallery is an effective marketing strategy to display a wide range of products. With Chevereto you can highlight the most popular or new products and create a more visually appealing shopping experience.

In this guide we will show you how to transform your Chevereto into a gallery for your photo store, digital goods or any other item you want to sell. Let's go!

# 1. Let's start with the basics

Adjust your website settings to reflect your business.

Settings > Website

  • Explore all the options and adjust everything to suit your needs.

Settings > Website

# 2. Give life to your homepage

The homepage is the first impression visitors have of your website and may influence their decision to explore further.

Settings > Homepage

  • Choose how your home page will look like. Configure style, add your cover images, adjust your call to action button and more.


# 3. Add a logo to your store

It is important to have a solid corporate image that customers can identify with your brand. Adding a logo to your store is a quick and simple way to achieve this.


  • Here, you can upload your logo and favicon images.

Settings > Logo

# 4. Define context with semantics

You can customize the terms used in all content such as images, albums, categories, and more. For example, if you want to use Chevereto to sell products, you can change "Album" to "Product", "Categories" to "Brands" and "Users" to "Customers".

Settings > Semantics

  • Replace the nouns with the most suitable for your store.


  • Custom semantics will be reflected in the entire system.


# 5. Adjust listings

With Chevereto you can customize the way content will be displayed on listings.

Settings > Listings

  • Adjust the number of items per page, pagination mode, listing viewer, the number of columns for different devices, and more.

Settings > Listings

# 6. Add buttons to yours products

Call to action buttons are designed to motivate the user to perform an action such as purchase, contact or download a file. By including them you can increase the likelihood that users will take these actions, which in turn can increase conversions.

Call to action

These buttons can be added to albums. If you add a "call to action" button to an album, all items within that album inherits that button in their layout, without having to add it individually to each item.

  • Go to Edit under any Album


  • In the edit window, make sure you have the call to action buttons option enabled.
  • Once enabled, you will have the button options. You will be able to add new buttons, edit them, delete them and reorder them.

For example, in the case below we'll use "Buy Now" and add another one called "Get in Touch" in case they need to talk to a seller, but you can create custom buttons that link to anything you want.

Call to action

Follow these simple steps and you will have an attractive gallery for your products in just a few minutes!

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