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Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

Is about time to reinvigorate Chevereto!

I took some time to build our new foundations and you waited all this time. I'm glad, thanks for your support. It's payday!

Today I'm announcing a road map that will unveil V4.X releases and project updates for the years to come.

This is the first time for the project where we will be offering two editions as we will market V3 LTS for production systems while V4 will be our ahead release. This will enable us to offer two software products: One for production and another one for development previews.

# Chevereto V3.20: May 2021

Chevereto V3.20 (coqueto) culminates the project work within 2013-2021 and is the final version for Chevereto V3. It was about time to end V3 with a release this big, to close this chapter of the project the best way possible.

Read Chevereto V3.20 “coqueto” announcement.

This release features a user interface upgrade, support for containers, improved performance and reliability. Coqueto improves in everything required to mature Chevereto V3 and it will keep getting maintenance until November 2022 to match with PHP 7.4 eol.

V3.20 was built on top of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. You will be able to run V3.20 based production systems until April 2025.

# Chevereto V4.0: September 2021

The release of Chevereto V4 (macanudo) will happen in September 2021 and it evolves from coqueto. Chevereto V4.0 will require PHP 8.0 and it will carry a significative development cycle.

Read Chevereto V4.0 “macanudo” announcement.

Macanudo will feature extended social login support and user based API. This is a huge change as it makes the default user interface exactly that: A default, enabling your users to use your Chevereto installation from any compatible API client.

# Chevereto V4 release cycle

All V4 releases will be named, released each 6 months. Chevereto V4.X updates will be about improving on everything and I'm confirming at most five revisions for this major version.

Version Code name
4.0 macanudo
4.1 pulento
4.2 supremo
4.3 bacan
4.4 magnifico
4.5 superior

# Chevereto V4 licensing

Chevereto V4 will be available under Chevereto V4 licensing, this is you pay per major release without any time-based renewal fees. You get access to all updates within the purchased version (in this case, all V4.X cycle).

One Chevereto V4 license is required per root domain, you can install it within all the sub-domains you may need.

Bulk licensing for agencies and re-sellers.

Major release as defined in semantic versioning. For Chevereto a major release is V1, V2, V3, V4, etc.

# License upgrade from V3

License purchases within September 2020 and September 2021 will get the V3 to V4 upgrade for free.

By upgrading from V3, you get a new V4 license additional to your existing V3 license. You will preserve all access to V3 software and its services.

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