Tiempos 2022/01

January 2022

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the first issue of Chevereto Tiempos, a monthly recap for all-things Chevereto. We build these notes taking in consideration announcements, user submitted tips, and tech news around self-hosting and related software products.

# V4.0.0.beta.5

The new beta is available, check the release notes and the release announcement to learn more.

💖 This beta introduces new beautiful theme palettes for and more user interface improvements. It includes the brand new XR Debugger.

# V4.0.0.beta.6

Chevereto V4.0.0.beta.6 has been announced. We are getting close to production-ready release, stay tuned.

# XR Debugger

We've created a lightweight PHP debugger at chevere/xr which is now built-in in Chevereto V4. This will dramatically improve how users debug Chevereto installations, making any code editing and troubleshooting easier to resolve.

😎 This debugger is Free Software and it can be used in any PHP 8 project.


We got the following requests for changes (previous months included). 👍 Do us a big one for and provide your vote to drive development.

# Community Tips

# cPanel issues

👏 Our legendary @ashkir from nickpic has warned us about a serious libPNG issue affecting cPanel based servers.

💡 Save yourself from cPanel hell by using our universal VPS provisioning script at chevereto/vps.

# MySQL issues

👏 Don @madlaxcb has provided a guide that will came handy for all those having issues when migrating database.

# Thanks for reading!

Hope you have enjoyed this recap. If you have any interesting tip or link to share about Chevereto go to our community and join the conversation.

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