Tiempos 2022/04

April 2022

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the fourth issue of Chevereto Tiempos, a monthly recap for all-things Chevereto. We build these notes taking in consideration announcements, user submitted tips, and tech news around self-hosting and related software products.

# V4 feature summary

# V4.0.0.beta.8

Chevereto V4.0.0.beta.8 has been released and it drops massive new features to Chevereto.

👉 Check the complete release notes at releases.chevereto.com.

# 🦄 Added expiration date

Expiration time is now visible on main upload form, same as category and album. With this you can now easily bulk set the expiration date for your current upload.

# ✅ Improved API authorization

Authorization in API V1.1 gets improved with support for header authorization. Instead of passing key in the body you will now be able to pass the X-API-Key header with the target API key.

# 🦆 Improved login page

Login now uses accent color for the submit button (arrow icon). Autofilled account details (username, password) now follow the palette color as it overrides the browser defaults.

# 💅 Improved uploader UX

The uploader has been improved for iOS devices (missing upload button, not rounded borders), also the fixed uploader now blocks the page scrolling in the background when opened.

# 💡 Improved autofocus behavior

Property autofocus has been added to form elements at login, signup and account/*. This will focus the user input with a blinking text on page load. This saves one click and makes the experience a little bit better.

Consent screen gets improved with a neat new design.

# 🎩 Improved mobile top bar

Mobile top bar now shows uploader instead of notifications, which are now under the menu (hamburger icon).

# 😎 Improved API guest user handling

Calls to API V1.1 using the public key at Dashboard > API will now be handled as guest uploads, meaning that it follows all guest upload restrictions you may want to configure (enabled, guest max upload file size, etc).

# 🛤 SEO route options settings

This is minimal change, but is quite annoying to don't have the routing settings on the same place. This get fixed in V4 and now SEO routing settings are under Dashboard > Settings > Routing.

# 🐞 Fixed bugs

This revision address the following bugs:

  • "Powered by" at homepage
  • Dashboard External services (akismet, moderatecontent)
  • Default palette [14207]
  • Disabled embed codes [14220]
  • Lock system
  • Missing user name on profile [14219]
  • Pages [14234]
  • Personal mode routing
  • Settings route [14192]
  • Uploader window [14153]
  • Listing (TypeError)


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# Thanks for reading

Hope you have enjoyed this recap. If you have any interesting tip or link to share about Chevereto go to our community and join the conversation.

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