Tiempos 2022/05

May 2022

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the fifth issue of Chevereto Tiempos, a monthly recap for all-things Chevereto. We build these notes taking in consideration announcements, user submitted tips, and tech news around self-hosting and related software products.

# V4.0.0.beta.9

The V4.0.0.beta.9 release has been announced. This release improves in:

  • ⚙️ Added CLI command for getting setting value
  • ⚙️ Added database-update command, replaces install for db updates
  • ⚙️ Renamed CLI importing command to bulk-importer
  • ✅ Delete actions now redirect as 303
  • ✅ Removed PHP extensions requirements (mbstring, ds, zip)
  • 🎃 Improved user menu
  • 🐘 Add early detection for PHP setup
  • 🐘 Added stricter typed settings
  • 🐘 Improved PHP bootstrapping
  • 🐘 Overall improved code quality
  • 🐘 Updated Openstack library
  • 🐚 Improved language translations bootstrapping
  • 👉 Renamed /dashboard/bulk to /dashboard/bulk-importer
  • 🔑 Added CLI command for user password reset
  • 🤳 Enabled higher user avatar image resolution
  • 😘 Added configurable first tab on image page
  • 🛡 Added support for Arachnid API (combat CSAM)
  • 🛸 Unified application cache directory

Note that V4.0.0.beta.9 is on the works, more changes will be announced and the release should be available within June 2022.

# V4's manuals

As you may have noticed, for V4 we have been working a lot in improving the new V4 Documentation. Traditionally, our documentation has been focused in get the system running. This changes with V4 and we are pleased to introduce the all-new user manuals.

👏 You can now consume V4 Admin manual for everything admin related. There's also the V4 User manual (early work-in-progress).

# Chevereto.cloud

Our cloud platform at chevereto.cloud is starting to become real. During the past couple of months we have been preparing everything to get this ready as V4 goes production.

You can pre-register to ensure your seat (limited availability!) and be among the firsts to try our exclusive cloud offering.


👍 No new RFC this month, you can go to RFC and vote on existing requests to push development.

# Thanks for reading

Hope you have enjoyed this recap. If you have any interesting tip or link to share about Chevereto go to our community and join the conversation.

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