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Arriving on V4.2.0

Rodolfo Berrios
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At Chevereto, we're obsessed with empowering you to curate and share your visual universe. Today, we're thrilled to announce a revolutionary addition to your creative toolkit: tags in Chevereto 4.2.0!

Imagine the freedom of adding a new layer of meticulous organization to your library. With tags, you can now categorize your images and videos with incredible specificity. Gone are the days of filing things away in folders. Tags allow you to pinpoint what makes your uploads special.

# Tags workflow

Think of it like this:

  • You've captured a breathtaking mountain vista at sunrise. Tag it with "landscape," "sunrise," and "mountain peak" for effortless search.
  • Sharing a hilarious pet video? Add tags like "cat," "funny," and "antics" to ensure maximum cuteness reach.
  • A masterfully crafted pixel art piece? “pixel art," "retro," and "character design" will help fellow art enthusiasts discover your work.

The possibilities are limitless. Tags empower you to create a personalized filing system that reflects your unique creative vision.

# More than tags

Tags aren't just for organization. They unlock exciting new ways to browse and discover content within Chevereto. Imagine exploring a vibrant tapestry of user-generated content, seamlessly filtered by the most specific tags.

Picture a world where you can delve deep into a niche photography community, following tags like "analog photography" or "macro lens." Envision a thriving space for sharing pixel art creations, all meticulously categorized with relevant tags.

# Expression and discovery

Chevereto 4.2.0 with tags is more than just a software update; it's an invitation to a whole new level of creative expression and discovery. Get ready to experience the joy of pinpoint organization and explore the boundless potential of a truly connected Chevereto community.

With Chevereto supporting tags it opens the path for EXIF, Geo and AI based tagging. We can't wait to start rolling all these updates, to let it on your hands and see what you can do with it.

# Stay tunned

Stay tuned for the official announcement of Chevereto 4.2.0 to unleash the power of precision!

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