Tiempos 2024/03

March 2024

Rodolfo Berrios
Rodolfo Berrios   Rodolfo

This is the issue #22 of Chevereto Tiempos, the recap for Chevereto updates delivered by its own creator Rodolfo Berrios.

# 🚀 Chevereto v4.0.11 released

On 02/19 I announced the work in progress for Chevereto 4.0.11.

Patch version 4.0.11 delivers all-new one-click upgrade system, enabling to keep your Chevereto updated with ease, without needing to enter your server.

Review Chevereto 4.0.11 release notes for a quick summary.

# 🌱 Chevereto Subscription

On 02/01 I announced that Chevereto changed to a subscription model.

The change to subscription aims for building more software and to keep Chevereto relevant. It compromises the investment required for building the next major releases.

# 🌠 User-based API announced

On 02/02 I announced that from 4.1.0 will be rolling the user-based API.

For this development stage I will be progressively delivering the feature and that's why it says "rolling". It means that with every 4.1.x patch version there will be little additions to the API.

# 🔑 License key regeneration

On 02/03 I announced that Chevereto customers can now re-generate license keys on the fly.

This is for security, it enables to protect the license in the event the key gets compromised.

# 🐋 Chevereto at Docker Hub

On 02/26 I announced that Chevereto is now available at Docker Hub.

This means you can use chevereto/chevereto to refer to Chevereto container image, it also offers a different experience compared with the GHCR package.

We need your feedback regarding the need for a private container registry where we can enable clients to access Chevereto (paid edition) container images.

# 📦 Chevereto v4 on Vultr Marketplace

On 02/27 I announced that Chevereto v4 is now available at Vultr marketplace.

Vultr has been supportive with Chevereto and this upgrade was pending. Now you can spawn Chevereto (newer version) instances one-click away, ready to go.

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